Release Date:
16th april 2014


Feeling the need to make the leap with each beat? Move with the rhythm of the heart as you capture mini hearts in over 100 clever puzzle based levels. Sync your movements with the beat and make your way across while surviving the heaps of astute enemies in the ultimate puzzle game for your iOS! Can your wits help you survive the obstacles that come along your way or will you get caught up with the beat? Take the leap to try this beat!


  • A simple, yet slick, interface. Easy to play, hard to stop!
  • Over 100 challenging levels designed to test your mind. With each level providing more innovative ways to tackle, you’ll never feel like your playing the same level twice!
  • Countless hours of superb gameplay blended with sharp puzzles
  • Soothe your ears with different beats that’ll not only provide for more engaging levels, but also provide music to your ears.
  • Can your beats beat your friend’s beat? Race against your friend for the highest score and show off your achievements through Facebook and Game Center!
  • Lots of replay value with unique ways to tackle a level. Race against time and set new high scores.
  • New levels every week! (without having to update the game)